Here’s the deal… people join an MLM for many reasons, but the most specific reason is for the community. 

Unlike most industries, network marketing allows you the privilege of choosing who you get to work with. 

One of my most favorite things to do is investing time and energy in determining who I want to work with… because I can. 

As a network marketer, if you don’t mesh, don’t like or can’t get along with the people in your working community, then for real, what is the point?

Another career perk of choosing your tribe is the opportunity to invite people who bring more to the table than what you already have. They push you and the rest of your organization to be better and to do better. 

If you find that you are the only one in your circle leading, mentoring, and esteeming your teammates, then friend you have completely missed the unique calling of multi-level marketing and are wasting an opportunity.  

When your team is in a place where everyone is contributing, that’s affirmation you are in the right space doing the right thing. 

I am currently looking to recruit a very specific type of leader to my organization – two of them, actually. 

As I move toward identifying the people I want to work with, I carefully consider the characteristics necessary to take our pack from where we are to where we are headed. 

Ideally, these future leaders will have traits different from what I have worked with before. And honestly, they should. Nothing changes if nothing changes, right? 

Obviously we will have some similarities because that’s how attraction works. But there will be some differences, as well. That is a good AND necessary thing. 

I have my strengths, and they have theirs. Together we will create something amazing. And that, my friend, is another incredible thing about this industry model. 

I have super cool people approach me about doing business together all the time. Although they may have tremendous qualities, experience, determination and commitment, it’s not always a good fit… and that is totally ok. 

But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be highly compatible with another leader in my organization. 

Oh, there it is again…  another amazing advantage in this awesome industry. 

I must think about the future as I look to grow my team and recruit new leaders.

… because that’s what good business leaders do.

Where do I see myself in 10, 15, 20 yearswhere do I see them… and are the two in alignment with each other? 

I want to share a little inside scoop with you regarding my process for enrolling a new business builder. 

The first thing I do is walk them through an avatar (ideal partner) exercise to get clear on two things: demographics and psychographics. 

Demographics include things like age, sex, location, education, current career/income and lifestyle. 

Psychographics to identify are personality, values, opinions, attitude, interests and pain points. 

My particular avatar is an educated female age thirty-five to fifty-five in the United States. She desires financial freedom for both herself and her family, yet she isn’t necessarily desperate for cash. 

This gal is a lifelong learner. She’s coachable, driven, and open to opportunity – and also open to alternative medicine. 

Her pain point (her greatest struggle) is that she doesn’t feel like she has permission to have something of her own. 

If you just read that and thought, “Oh my gosh, she’s talking about me.”… then we should chat soon. 

And, if you’re interested in being a part of a healthcare revolution that empowers others with alternative natural solutions, then girl, we really need to chat soon… like yesterday.

Don’t let this world or anybody in it convince you that you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. 

You can love what you do AND love who you do it with. Absolutely no permission required.