One of the heaviest burdens a woman carries is the idea that she must choose between her family and finances.

Well, we are about to stop that rumor train right in its tracks.

So, I want you to lean in, sister. Come on… just a little closer. I have a favor to ask of you… and I don’t want you to miss it.

Check this false perception that you must choose between your family and finances at the door right now.
Go ahead… lay it down.


You already feel a little lighter just thinking about the possibility that you can have the best of both worlds, don’t you?

I was a college professor for 8 long years. Guess how many raises I received? Zero. Notta. Zilch.

Yep, that’s right. It was as obvious as the butt crack on a plumber fixing the kitchen sink that I would never earn more than $2400 a month. The only way my salary would increase was by taking on more classes.

I already taught the maximum load of four courses every semester… and I was exhausted every. single. Night.

It didn’t matter how hard I worked or how many hours I put in; the paycheck was always the same.

Sure, that university position gave me status… prestige. For some reason, the title of “Professor” represented this facade that I “had it all”… Whatever. That facade is about as phony as perky boobs on a 65-year-old woman.

Yes, I had a J.O.B., but I did NOT “have it all…”

  • SOMEONE ELSE controlled how much I earned
  • SOMEONE ELSE determined who I got to work with
  • SOMEONE ELSE told when to show up… and when I could leave
  • SOMEONE ELSE decided who I could influence and how I might do that

One day it hit me like wet pants after a sneezing fit (thanks for that, kids). As long as I am working for that “someone else,” I will NEVER have control of my earnings, who I work with, when I work, and who I impact.

Deep within the heart of who I am and who I am meant to be was a burning desire to be the keeper of my time and the dictator of my boundaries.

I was tired of missing out on the elements of life that really mattered all because “someone else” called the shots.

Friend, I have to believe that you are in that place, too… or you wouldn’t be reading this right now. Am I right?

The day I realized I could work for myself and didn’t have to choose between my family and my finances was the day the shackles of my perspective were unlocked… and the day my future exploded.

I want that for YOU.

The key that freed me from that ball and chain we call a “traditional job” was Network Marketing. Yep, I said it. Read my lips… Net-Work-Market-ing.

Ah, come on. You’re already doing it, you just don’t realize it. You truly are a natural at this business concept.

… But, before you roll your eyes like some teenage rebel, please hear me out.

I get it. We’ve all heard the many “dream pitches,” and about the “wonderful opportunities…” oh, and we can’t forget The Business Plan slideshows. If you haven’t, then you probably started quarantining years before the rest of us.

“Just add three people to your team,” they say, “and you will be on your way to earning millions of dollars, taking luxury vacations, building your dream home, owning a freaking yacht… all while working just 5 hours a week.”

The problem with this approach is that there are only two sets of expectations being sold here. One is a success beyond your wildest dreams… the other is failure straight out of your first nightmare. Two very different extremes, right?

These popular expectations about network marketing are frightening to me because they could not be any farther from the truth. Reality lies somewhere in between.

Let me clear something up for you.

One percent of people in our industry become multilevel multimillionaires… but way more than that build successful businesses that support their ideal lifestyle.


And that is where I am. I don’t own a fleet of yachts, but we can pay our bills, plan for college and retirement, fund our dreams and have a little left over to take a vacation and support our favorite charity.

But, the BEST part of working from home and being my own boss is the fact that I can work my business around my family’s life… not the other way around.

We refer to that perk (and oh, what a perk) as “schedule manipulation.”

Why wouldn’t you want this lifestyle?

  • You have the flexibility to hang out with your kids on a Monday afternoon
  • You can quit work early for a late lunch with your girlfriends
  • You can become a “homeschool mom” overnight when a National Pandemic is declared
  • You don’t have to wait three years for the next available “after 5 o’clock” hair, doctor, dentist or nail appointment.

If this business has taught me anything, it has taught me to respect my time and set clear boundaries so I don’t lose that feeling of control or miss out on those things, moments, memories that matter the most in life.


Friend, your idea of network marketing success does not have to look like mine or anyone else’s. The incredible beauty of this career is that YOU get to create your own big picture and dictate how you want to live YOUR life.

And you can change your mind about what you want anytime you want to. Who am I even kidding? We’re women. We do that anyway… who needs permission?

Whatever it is that your heart desires… an extra $500 a month, a savings fund (home, vacation, college, retirement), to be home full time with your kiddos, to have control of your time and schedule, this business model can work for you.

You don’t have to pick and choose what you get out of network marketing… and that is what makes it ideal. It works so well with our everyday lives and responsibilities as women.

Are you aware of any other career that offers that kind of flexibility? Yeah, me either.

Want to experience an incredible community of women who are making their own rules for their family and finances? Head on over to my Facebook group and hang out with us for a while. Once you’re there, you won’t want to leave. Trust me.