I talk a lot about living passionately, but what happens when you feel like you’ve lost your passion? How do you find the joy you once had and refocus on the things that matter to you?

After sitting next to the owner of doTERRA during our trip to Hawaii, I finally found the answer to the questions that have been plaguing me…

What To Do When You Lose Your Passion

It’s not that I didn’t like what I’ve been doing, it just felt different…

I felt antsy, unsure, and directionless.

When I first started with doTERRA, it was my goal to get oils into 1 million hands, and I achieved that! Then I wanted to equip women to take charge of their income and lead healthier lives. And I achieved that as well!

But recently, I felt myself losing passion.

I still thought the oils were great, I still loved talking to the ladies in my group, and I still cleaned our house with the all-natural solutions we have, but something was missing.

Often when we feel ourselves losing passion we take it as a sign to move on, but I decided to dig in. Essential oils have held a place in my heart since college, so I wasn’t about to let them go without a fight.

So when I found myself next to doTERRA owner Emily Wright, I took a shot.

“How can I regain my passion and find my ‘why’?”

Her simple response set me on the path I needed to be on in order to align with the next phase of my business…

“What do you love about doTERRA?”

Ah, lightbulb! The oils… it’s always been the oils.

So after our conversation and some deep soul searching, I determined what to do when you lose your passion.

  1. Go Back To Basics

Emily’s question reminded me to take a step back and look at why I joined doTERRA in the first place… I LOVE the oils.

They’ve helped me keep my family healthy, keep a clean (chemical free) house, stay emotionally grounded, and so much more.

Going back to my starting line reignited my passion and helped me refocus on my original why.

I realized I had stopped connecting with people who were having back pain or nursing a kiddo back to health. I had stopped spending lots of time on oil education and science. I had stopped doing all the things that used to give me butterflies in my stomach!

(Quick story: When we finally switched everything in our house over to natural products I took a video of my husband Mike, licking the shower! He was just so happy at that moment to have a clean, healthy house. That still makes me smile…)

  1. Take It Slow

Once I re-kindled my passion and realized what I wanted MORE of in my business (oils), I needed to figure out what was draining my passion.

So I slowly reintroduced different aspects of my life–almost like an elimination diet!

Don’t stop once you’ve re-found your passion, be sure to turn a critical eye toward everything else in your life.

  1. Release What No Longer Serves You

It’s not that I don’t love aspects of my business, but getting caught up in Facebook campaigns and algorithms distracted me from why I’m doing what I’m doing.

Once I identified that fact, I gave myself permission to release what was no longer serving me.

Don’t be afraid to remove things that are distracting you from living a passion-filled life!

  1. Set Goals

Now that I know the root of my passion, I’m taking every step I can to ensure I stay focused on it!

I’ve started to build oil education into my weekly schedule and asked several ladies in my group to throw health concerns at me so I can research them.

Setting these goals not only helps me be a better business owner, but keeps me educated on the product I’m selling–which is critical.


Losing your passion can be scary and confusing. But by returning to your original source, taking it slow, releasing what no longer serves you, and setting goals, you can reignite it and be ready to tackle bigger and better things.

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