Team Love

I LOVE… that my 4 and 6 year old naturally teach people about oils already. I LOVE that I can control how much I put in and don’t put in for hours, I LOVE that I can help others find natural solutions to healthy alternatives, and I LOVE the community of amazing friends that I have made through this type of life.
Sarah Klym

I love that doTERRA is more than a company. More than just the product. They truly care for others. I continue to learn more. Because of doTERRA, I want to grow with this company. I want to reach for things I thought were too far out of reach. I want to push myself. I’ve met some amazing people thanks to doTERRA.
Jana Douglas

I love love love the relationship that I am building with strong, passionate, incredible women. I love being able to help inspire them to step into their power and take their health, their families health, and their financial health into their own hands. I love that these ladies have become my best friends and my family! I can’t wait to see what each of them accomplish!
Alexandra Howe

I love what the company does and stands for, as well as the oils. Everything about doTERRA makes it easy to share your love for the products and company.
Meagan Elliot

The fact that I’m giving people an all natural plant based choice over OTC/prescription drugs.
Sara George

I love that I can work from home and have a flexible schedule! With a little one soon to be in our home (through adoption!), this is such a great time to be in this business.
Angelique Lawless

I love the oils! I love it when people seek me out and say “it worked, I need more”. The look on their face, the excitement they have. It’s happened a lot lately. I know I’m helping people. Love it!
Rose McAuley

I love that doTERRA gives me hope.

I love that my 11-year-old loves the oils so much that he says it will be his career when he is 18. I love the connection it gives me to others.

Rhonda Nelson

I love the oils of course; they have changed my life. Love sharing them and I love that doTERRA is an integral company.
Carolyn Esposito Hebert

I love that they WORK and that they are natural. I love that I can use them on my family and even my dogs ! I have never felt better!
Krista Crowder Davis

I love that it takes me out of my comfort zone and it helps me grow! Without growth, what is there?
Jennifer O'Neill

There are so many reasons to love our doTERRA business! Initially it was the purity & efficacy of the oils & ancillary products, but when my husband & I started building our business it became so much more. Some of these being the ability to work together, each of us learning our strengths & weaknesses, teaching & helping others, discovering the myriad of applications for doTERRA oils & then learning more & more each year about the doTERRA culture, the ethics & love they share & promote to all of their “family”. I could go on & on, as this only scratches the surface of our WHY!
Gail Dempsey

I feel so fortunate to have the unwavering support of Kacie Vaudrey and that of Peaceful Heart Leadership. Kacie is inspirational to me and thousands of others on this team. She is dedicated not only to her personal success but to that of each and every one of us. She believes in me and my goals and is there to support me every step of the way. Kacie is a true leader, passionate about essential oils and natural health, and above all has become a dear friend! Thank you for all you do that we know about and all of the things we don’t.
Nancy Hutchinson