One of the hardest, in-your-face lessons I learned in the network marketing industry is that

professional goals with hobby hours won’t cut it.

Success must be scheduled.

There will always be fellow network marketers who have more connections, more experienced, and more moolah to invest in their biz. However, there is one major component that puts us all on a level playing field: the number of hours in a day.

One of the most challenging things as a business owner is figuring out how to effectively use the hours in your day. 

With most MLM compensation plans, ten to fifteen hours per week is a reasonable amount of time to spend on income-producing activities for a target of $5,000 per month. Side note: If anyone tries to tell you they are earning more and working less, then that’s not the only smoke they’re blowin’ up yo chimney, sister friend. 

Granted, time flexibility is at the top of my list of direct sales perks and one of the most enticing benefits that drew me to this industry. 

But here’s the deal. If you truly want to experience success, wingin’ it on the daily according to your mood (Lord knows we’ve got plenty of those in our back pocket) will never accomplish the results you desire. 

If your heart truly desires the outcome (remember, that thing you want, but don’t already have) your vision board represents, you must create a schedule that lines up with your end goals and commit to it E’ry. Single. Day. 

Besides the pressure and responsibilities as a business owner and/or employee of a 9 to 5, there is always someone needing your immediate attention. “Job Security,” right mom? 

The very first step in building an effective work schedule is making a list of everything you need to accomplish and then prioritizing those tasks. 

Neglecting to create a daily and/or weekly plan is a recipe for disorganized mayhem, if you want to know the hold-nothing-back Kacie Vaudrey truth. Disorganization can lead to overwhelm… which creates stress… that squashes progress.

You can have all the resources the world has to offer, but not managing your time and using it wisely is a waste of the most precious resource any of us have. 

Once you have your prioritized list of tasks, it’s time to create your plan.

Tips for creating your daily work schedule to get stuff done:

  • Pick a time of day least likely of disruptions and work on the tasks that require the most concentration from you.
  • Record everything in one place or in one organizational app. (i.e. appointments, phone calls, tasks, etc.)
  • Find a method that works for you; there is no one-size-fits-all method of scheduling. If it’s not working, change it.
  • Don’t panic when your plan is interrupted. Learning how to deal with the unexpected, as it’s just part of it. 

So, let’s review: Success must be scheduled. 

There is not a snowball’s chance in you know where that I can function well (or at all) without a plan. It’s just not happenin’, sister. 

Kudos to you if you are a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-yoga-pants kind of girl and can make stuff happen. You’re. My. Hero.

I must have a clear head to see the tasks that are most important. And, as necessary, I dial those suckers down so I can stay organized and maintain my focus. 

When you lose clarity (notice I said “when” and not “if”… because life), block out time to recalibrate your priorities and make revisions to your plan that will keep you on that path toward your end goal. 

Schedule quarterly reviews to analyze your goals, your achievements, what’s working and what’s not working, etc. If you discover that you need to re-create your vision, then do that. 

If you don’t revisit your business plan consistently, productivity becomes stagnant and growth stops. 

A successful business must evolve… and you must evolve with it.

In my book, The Essentials, I share all that you need to know about growing a successful network marketing business. You will learn everything from how to build (or rebuild) your business to specific money-making activities crucial to network marketing success. 

Heck, I even give you the details of my workday and what has worked so well for me. Come check it out.