I dig this gig. 

Yep, I freaking dig this gig for several reasons. 

I enjoy the freedom of being able to manipulate my schedule, my time, my energy, my finances, and who I get to work with. 

But, you wanna know what the absolute best part about being my own boss and running my own business is? I never have to miss out on what matters most… ever.

This business has taught me to respect my time and to set healthy boundaries. 

I have control over the things that both enter and exit our home. I get to create the big picture of what life looks like for me, my family, and our future

Chances of finding these sweet perks in corporate America is about as good as finding a stretch-mark free bosom on a middle-aged mother of 5. 

I could talk about the many significant advantages of Network Marketing all dang day. But, hands down, one of the most beautiful aspects of this industry is that it doesn’t have to look the same for everyone. Thank the good Lord, because there is enough pressure to compete among us women folk, huh? 

At the end of the day, your Network Marketing model will look like what YOU want it to look like. 

  • You want to invite your spouse or significant other to build a business alongside you? Do it.
  • You want to involve your children in the daily aspects of your business. Do that, too. 

When I include my kiddos in the day-to-day elements of my business, we not only work together, but we dream together. And it’s a saweeeeet thing. 

We dream about things like the next family vacation we will take. And that, my friend, motivates me to work even harder… because remember, I get to choose how hard I work, when I work, and how long I work. No one decides that for me. 

Another thing I LOVE about this industry is that you can dream your own dream

You can get as creative and innovative as you want. YOU decide what path you will take, where it will lead, and how fast you will travel. 

No matter who I am working with or who I am mentoring, there is a plan that literally works for everyone. 

Regardless of your needs, I can help you create a strategy that will meet them. But, you have some skin in the game. You must first get really clear on what it is you want. 

Clarity is so very crucial for success in this industry. It is what drives you, what motivates you, what gets you up in the morning.  

Oh sister, I can’t emphasize enough the potential that is waiting for you to create the lifestyle of freedom you desire for you and your family in the industry I have grown to love.  

What is it YOU desire? Financial freedom? Control over your schedule? Or, do you simply want to be more present and available for your family?

Regardless of how lofty or modest your aspirations may be, I got you, girl. Let’s do this.