So, I just have to ask. 

Are you clear on the successful habits you need as you build your network marketing business? 

Did you work through the simple 5-step process I shared with you in my blog a couple of weeks ago? 

If so, then you understand the significance of my intro question. Accountability, sister. Accountability. I got you.

In “How to Create Successful Habits as a Network Marketer,” we honed in on the idea that the habits you create as a business owner will determine your success

I’m going to take it a step further.

A consistent routine is your secret sauce to maintaining those successful habits.


While the terms “habit” and “routine” are often used interchangeably, they are different. Ideally,  habits happen with little or no conscious effort… Well, they do eventually. You have to do the do, sister.

Routines, however, require more effort and intentionality. 

Habits and routines are both productive members of the same team working to accomplish a common goal – your desired outcome. (REMINDER: You have to know what that is.)

A consistent routine will keep you on track and create an environment to help you maintain successful habits. BONUS: It will also help reduce your stress and allow you to own your day like a toddler owns every toy in the box. 

I get that the idea of a routine may seem daunting and overwhelming to you. But days without structure will abso-freakin-lutely suck the mental, physical, and emotional life right out of you. Ask me how I know.

It is also a sure-fire way for the potential success of your business to slide right through your fingers.

Creating and following a daily routine will help you establish priorities, monitor your goals, and keep in check any tendencies to procrastinate. 

The most important thing you can do is choose the actions that will point you toward your desired outcome.

Establish a routine that starts your day by conquering the most important tasks first. Consider your productivity curve as you create your daily schedule by ensuring that your energy level can accommodate the task you have assigned.

Ain’t nobody got the energy for intense product research or social media drama at freakin’ 4 o’clock in the afternoon. 

Take control of your time by utilizing the time blocking strategy. Batching similar tasks together will help you create a productive workflow. 

Finally, perform an occasional routine and calendar audit.  I think this is a successful habit to incorporate on a monthly basis, at least. This goes back to the first step of our 5-step process of creating successful habits: figure out what is working and what is not.

Sister, my team and I have been working behind the scenes on something so incredibly exciting. If you are a list makin’, pre-plannin’, get stuff done gal like myself (or have the slightest desire to be such), you’re gonna love it.

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