You’ll remember that last month we talked about filling your sales pipeline in order to really take advantage of all the benefits a doTERRA business has to offer. 

The thing is, once you have those leads, you’re going to need to nurture them. Remember, a lead is a prospective customer, so, once you have their attention, you need to keep their interest. 

A Facebook group is an amazing way to nurture leads and start to form real relationships with them. The golden rule of sales is “people buy from people” and a Facebook group offers the opportunity for leads to get to know the real you while you provide them value. But, you’ll want to be intentional and careful how you go about it.

Here’s how to accomplish that in a way that works for how you like to engage on social media!

1. Invite your Facebook group members to get involved in your business!

Nothing forms a community better than asking people to get involved, as a team, to complete a specific goal. A Facebook group makes that easy to do…and it gets people excited to help, and interested in your brand. 

Want to write a blog post about building a team? Ask your Facebook group what their biggest dislikes of being on teams have been, and ask them what team-building activities have worked best in their experience. 

Even better, request everyone’s favorite doTERRA recipe, asking they put it in the Facebook group post comments, and credit their recipe with name and thanks in a blog post that goes out to your audience!

Reciprocity and recognition go a long way in personal relationships, and they do the same on social media! 

2. Make sure to welcome new group members by name and give them the opportunity to introduce themselves.

This serves multiple purposes. First of all, it’s polite, but more importantly, if you ask people to introduce themselves, it will automatically make them feel more invested in the group. This motivates them to participate which boosts your group engagement, and in turn, increases the number of warm leads you have to sell to. You will want to welcome each new member by name, being sure to tag each new person in your own “welcome to our group” post. 

Don’t forget to comment on each new member’s introduction! If you’re worried about forgetting to post a request for introductions, I recommend you schedule it on your calendar. Plus, as the admin of your own Facebook group, you will receive notifications of new members each week, and Facebook will remind you to welcome them 😀 👋

3. Show your members that you’re curious about their experiences, thoughts, and opinions.

People want to know that you’re genuinely interested in them. This helps them to feel “safe” in their interactions with you, online. So ask questions that ask their opinion or their experiences, and create an engaging discussion that adds value to their lives! 

For example, ask about the success they’ve had getting their children to relax and to sleep with doTERRA Lavender oil. Ask them what time they apply it to their children, where they apply it, how much they use, etc.

Then share your experiences with Lavender oil and contribute to the multiple comments and discussion on the topic. Not only will you likely learn something new, but your audience will receive plenty of tips and tricks that help position you and your group as a source of knowledge and authority on wellness. This helps warm them up as leads, and prepare to buy from you. 

4. Go on a video live in your group

Don’t be surprised that group members want to get to know you, especially after they follow you and engage in your group for a while!

They will be naturally curious about your business and how you integrate essential oils into your daily routine. So go live on the topic with tips and tricks about how you’re using essential oils. Share an oils cocktail recipe, or share your immunity defence protocol. 

And no, it doesn’t matter if your home or office is immaculate or if you’re wearing make-up! NO ONE’S life is perfect, and it’s super helpful for your audience to see how you’re pursuing your business dreams with a messy home or unwashed hair.

This will help them see themselves in your shoes, and remember that if you accomplished your business dreams they can as well.

Tell me in the comments: Do you have a business Facebook group? How are you using it to help nurture your leads?