The sweet spot to building a successful network marketing business is stabilizing and fueling your sales pipeline.  What’s that you ask? And more importantly, how do you do that?

I know many of you have heard me mention this time and time again.  I refer to it as your circle of influence, your funnel, your pipeline.  Regardless of how we refer to the sales funnel its meaning is the same. It’s built through momentum, strategy and consistency.  Today, I’m going to say it again but for different reasons – it’s summer.

And for some of us, summer means more time with the kids underfoot and less time to network and draw in new leads.

That’s why a sales pipeline is crucial. It allows new leads to come to you versus you chasing after them. It’s the gift that keeps on giving if done correctly and is the fruit of all previous labor.  I don’t know about you, but I’d sure like to have more fun while generating leads and increasing my cash flow.

The beauty of our industry is residual income.  We work hard so that when we want to check out for a moment we still get paid and our paycheck grows.  Yes, friends, this is REAL and available to you. A solid sales funnel takes consistency, organization, and strategy but will produce amazing rewards when done correctly.   

Think about this for a second.  You and the family plan an amazing summer vacation. Before you head out you attend a local meeting and hand out a couple cards, you meet up with some ladies at the end of year school carnival, pre-schedule 7 days of posts on instagram and facebook and ask some customers for “who they know that you can help.”  You spend a small amount of time socializing and living your life as you would naturally before a much needed vacation. For one second think about all of the immediate and future contacts that were made through those activities. Many seeds were planted and your sales funnel is quickly becoming ready for you to work your magic.  

There are so many networking options you can use to really start building your sales pipeline and gaining momentum in your business. It’s important that you choose what feels good for you. Maintaining your authentic self is crucial and necessary if you are going to find success and stay consistent.

Networking Groups

Local networking groups like BNI and Toastmasters is a great way to meet new business contacts.  These meetings generally happen weekly and last for an hour. Each individual in the group has multiple cards to give to prospective contacts and referrals.  It’s important that you come to the meetings prepared to share a quick 30 second commercial addressing a pain spot that members can use to refer people to you. is also a great place to find health and wellness groups and other various networking events in your area. The options for networking in your local area is truly endless when you begin to look for like minded individuals you want to spend your time with.  There truly is so much value in becoming part of a local group and utilizing other individuals to help your build your business. Pure Genius.

Another option, which is my all time favorite, is in-person networking because honestly, NOTHING beats face-to-face for a sales conversation. Our business is built around relationships.  Part of the joy comes from educating and teaching people to feel empowered in their lives whether it be around health, mindset or business. The more questions I can ask the better I am at building a story around why the product will work.  Plus it gives you the opportunity to hand out your business cards, and if you play those cards right (no pun intended 😉) your contact info will be handed around to people not in attendance at the networking event. One thing I’ve learned along the way is it’s best to gather the business cards of those individuals you meet.  Make sure you are prepared to send them a quick text with some important information to connect them to you and your business. For example, if you talked about allergies send them a link to doTERRA’s amazing blog on quick tips for beating the allergy blues.

Social Media Presence – Yes, You DO Need One

Many people believe an online presence isn’t necessary to their business. Although, it’s not the only approach it is crucial to reach a multitude of different audiences.  I used to drag my feet out of fear of how I would be perceived online. The thing is, I’ve missed out on helping a lot of people staying silent. People constantly search for health and wellness answers, products, and info online. If you truly want to make an impact and help people, at the very least, you’ll want to put yourself out there and provide a resource that people need.

Everything you do matters and people are watching you.  You wouldn’t believe how often I am privately messaged by people on Facebook and Instagram. Sometimes it’s a product or promo question, other times its inquiries as to how to join the doTERRA team.  

Honestly, the key to not getting sucked into what we all avoid about social media (negative people) is to let social media work for you not you work for social media.  All platforms, whether it be Facebook or Instagram, make it super simple to direct message and receive a notification. This allows me to stay active without being on social media more than I want to be.  If notifications start to exhaust you then schedule times throughout the day to pop in and check out who is commenting or needing further love. It’s really that simple.

If we are consistent in our daily activity we are creating an amazing funnel of what I like to call “warm” leads.  These are the people who reach out for more information and are already intrigued to learn more and purchase. Friends, these people are ready.  Statistically speaking at this point they are 80% sold and you are left to the 20%. Work your magic and offer them what joining you will truly provide such as, education, leadership, connection and community.  

It’s crucial that as you create your social media presence that you are clear.   Who are you wanting to attract? What is your brand? What is your message? How will you stay true to yourself?  Being authentic and real on social media and is what truly attracts your ideal customer and partner. Maintaining a robust social media presence helps set you up to attract leads and makes it that much easier for people already spending time on social to contact you.

I’d definitely recommend that you get on Facebook and create a Facebook business page.  This is the only way that you can technically share information about your business without breaking the Facebook “rules.”  I’d suggest that you share helpful information on how to use essential oils, the importance of the lifestyle that doTERRA creates and how to get the products into every single home. Remember, my belief is that every home should have doTERRA and I love sharing that message with conviction and heart. When I come from this place and make it super easy for potential leads to ask questions then an amazing relationship is formed and I’m doing my “job.” Don’t forget to include your business link or website.  

Instagram is HOT.  This is a great opportunity for you to share with the world how you are using the products in everyday situations.  For instance, on kiddos, dogs, plants, or cleaning. Visuals of essential oils in use in your household, with explanations, go a long way in engaging your audience and turning leads into happy customers.  Your goal is to educate and allow your audience to dream about the amazing lifestyle that we have to offer. We know how life changing the product is, let your audience in on the secret.

The best part about promoting your oils and yourself on social media is that it allows you to create relationships and trust with your audience. Ultimately, that’s what sells.


This truly is optional however, as doTERRA grows it becomes more imperative that you set yourself apart and create a solid brand that your customers can associate with you.   In the beginning of my network marketing career I didn’t have a website and was confident in building my business through in person relationships and referrals. Although I was fortunate this approach worked well in the beginning, there definitely came a time where it became apparent how useful having a website could be.  

There are multiple reasons I recommend a website and find them useful when building a solid sales funnel.  First, websites are a great way to tell your story. What makes you different than every other individual in the industry.  We call this your brand. Second, your website creates an opportunity for you to ask for your ideal client. Are you looking for a business partner?  More customers? Naturally, your website will address that group. Third, your website is a great place to gather leads by offering free items such as an ebook, call with you, or other promotional items.   By signing up and receiving your freebie you now have access to their email and contact. And fourth, your website is a great place for your calendar. Your contacts will want to schedule a call with you. Make sure your calendar is easily accessible.   

Now I’m not asking all of you to spend the next 2 months creating your website and distracting you from what is currently working.  There are so many benefits to having a website if it feels authentic and right for you. Search the web to find a company that has a pre-built template to help you get started.   

Truly the options are endless for building your sales funnel.  The key is staying consistent in how you show up, be authentic, and understand what is working in your local area.  Having a constant flow of contacts through the summer months will keep your business thriving while you continue to have fun and stay present with your family.  Stay tuned for tips and tricks on how to nurture your funnel and keep your peeps in the know of what you are up to.