So many women dream of a career that both promotes and permits flexibility, schedule manipulation, and incredible earning power. 

However, few take the committed plunge into network marketing. And this blows my freakin’ mind. 

But I get it.  

There are so many negative presumptions and emotions floating around about direct sales, thanks to the gross approach many take. The misguided perspectives and foul taste come as no surprise at all to me.  

Chances are, when you first heard about a network marketing opportunity, they presented you with two completely distinct sets of expectations:

 …success beyond your wildest dreams OR…

… failure straight out of your worst nightmare.

Basically, your future in this industry would include one of two scenarios:  backpacking in the Andes for the entire summer or working thirty hours a week (in addition to your 9 to 5) just to make an extra hundred bucks. 

Sister, that is simply not the case. 

The rumors about network marketing are so frightening (and sad) because they are so far from the truth. 

Take my experienced word for it. It is highly unlikely that you will live out either extreme because, truth is, reality is somewhere in between.

One percent of the people in our industry become multilevel multimillionaires. Read that again. One freakin’ percent. 

A large percentage of network marketers build successful businesses that support their ideal lifestyle.

Many take the plunge into network marketing because they see people whom they like and admire succeed at what I like to call “the best gig on the face of the earth”.

These infant entrepreneurs have high hopes of slaying the direct sales industry just like their respected peers who make it look easy. But what the rookies can’t see from where they stand is the hard work it took for those veterans to achieve their success. 

Although successful network marketers make it look simple on the outside, I can guar-darn-tee you we have had our fair share of challenges, setbacks, and failures along the way. 

Raw and real Kacie, right here. I consistently battle with the emotions of self-doubt, fear, and frustration as I continue to move toward my goals. I can also tell you that is the space where transformation takes place; it’s where big things happen.

Sister, there is so much more to achieving success in the world of multilevel marketing than just deciding to start a business.

As a business owner, it is the habits you create that keep you going and determine whether you will succeed.

Unfortunately, the habits you need to be a successful network marketer aren’t innate. You didn’t pop out of the womb knowing how to run a business.

It takes time, effort, and intentionality to build disciplined habits that will cultivate success.  

In order to create these kinds of habits, they must become a consistent part of your everyday world. 

Here is a simple 5-step process to help you determine which habits need to be a part of your daily routine.

OBSERVE your current habits to see what is working, and what is not.

Evaluate your current situation. Are you motivated by the habits you are trying to incorporate into your life? Are they in direct alignment with your desired outcome? 

Decide which behaviors are working for you and which aren’t.  It’s so important that you revisit this step often and really understand what is working for you and why. 

If you want a habit to stick and prove successful, it has to be something that truly motivates you. 

LET GO of the habits that no longer serve you.

Think hard about what you want. What is your desired result? Give yourself permission to let go of the behaviors that are no longer serving you or pointing you toward your goal. 

When you release old habits, you make room for those that will help you execute your plan and build your business the way you want. 

If you are going to be true to yourself and your business, you must decide what that looks like for you and go after it.

 SAY YES to all of it.

As I mentioned earlier, network marketing gets such a bad rap. With that, comes a lot of guilt and questioning of whether this is a credible industry. 

First and foremost, you must choose the right company (for you), for the right reasons. Then, you must say, “YES” to absolutely all of it. 

In order to be successful, it requires a shift in your mindset, behaviors, and beliefs about the industry. 

You must allow yourself permission to love it and to be proud of your decision to be a part of it. Then, you can give yourself the freedom to up level, to be bigger and be better. 


Habits are the key to success in network marketing. Period. 

But, as you develop your goals, habits, and plans for productivity, it is important that you are aware of the skill sets needed to make those habits effective. 

Do what you know you need to do to keep your head in the right space. 

Whether you need to make time for more personal development, self-care, learning about your products, understanding the industry, networking, marketing strategies, goal planning with your team, etc. know what that is… and do it.



Yes, habits are the key to success, but consistency is the fuel that delivers you to your destination. 

We would all like to think we’re bad a$$, girl boss enough to do it on our own. But the truth of the matter is we aren’t. Sorry, but we aren’t. 

You. Need. Help. Find those people in your tribe that you can trust. Share your goals, dreams, and plans with them.

Give them permission to say the hard thing to you… even though it may not be what you want to hear.

If you’re looking for a practical, easy-to-follow guide and process to build your network marketing business without sacrificing family time, going into debt, or becoming someone you’re not, check out my book, The Essentials: Everything Women Need to Know to Make it as a Network Marketer on Amazon.

Or, if you recognize that the network marketing industry was created for such a time as this and you are ready to create your own success, then I would love to chat with you. 

This industry couldn’t be more prepared for our current situation. 

Sister, I have a place for you on my calendar. Grab your schedule and let’s find a time to connect.