Let’s begin this conversation by addressing the elephant in the room.

Is Multilevel Marketing even a real job?

Now, be honest. If you didn’t have some sense of hesitation about the legitimacy of this industry, you would have never consulted Google with this question in the first place…

“Can I be successful at Network Marketing?” 

I see you, sister. I understand that what you really need to be convinced of, first and foremost, is that Network Marketing is a legitimate J.O.B.

Is it for everyone? Ah, heck no. I don’t know of any career or opportunity that is “for everyone,” do you?

Some people are against MLM’s with every fiber of their being, while others gradually warm up to its potential over time. Then, there are those who recognize the opportunity from the get-go and never look back.

Granted, this industry’s business plan looks different (sort of, but not really) from what you know as a traditional business. But different is not wrong, it’s just… well, different. 

MLM’s are no different than a brick and mortar store in which the sales clerk attempts to sell customers on the newest product or the latest fashion.

Network marketers just have the upper hand advantage of social media to promote their goods and opportunities. Not having the overhead of a physical store will obviously save a business owner a butt load of greenback. 

And, for the record, given our current virtual situation (err reality), I cannot think of a better time for one to at least investigate the potential opportunity of direct sales. 

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from, or what experience you bring to the table, success in this industry requires commitment and consistent effort for the long haul. 

I don’t know of any other opportunity or career where you can just show up with a desire to succeed and not put in the hard work. Network marketing is no different.  

So, now that we have cleared up any hesitation regarding the validity of an MLM career,  let’s talk about owning your decision to be a part of a multi-level marketing company and how to set yourself up for success. 

When you have decided to go after your ideal life (whatever that looks like for you), you must unload the weight of what others think and follow your own path.  

In order to follow that path, you need to have a clear vision of where you are headed and how you are going to get there. Then, commit yourself to moving forward with a mindset that this business is non-negotiable. 

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was told I couldn’t hold my position as a college professor while I was going through treatments. So, I had to either find another job that would allow extended absences or make a major career shift.

I was already a product of doTERRA products, yet I wrestled something fierce over the stigma of network marketing and the idea of shifting from teaching to direct sales. Ugh. I wasn’t just riding that struggle bus, sister. I was driving the dang thing.  

I knew I needed to work. I also knew this opportunity provided the flexibility that was required. Once I declared that these facts were nonnegotiable, it tipped me over the edge of indecision and gave me a new perspective. 

Obviously, I bit that bad boy bullet… and each new day I am ever so grateful that I did. 

Sweet sister, at the end of the day, you are the only one who truly knows what’s best for you. Even the most well-meaning members of your friends and family can’t make these types of decisions for you. 

I can’t imagine taking any other career path that others might have chosen for me.

I am extremely confident in every action I take. My kids even love this industry. In fact, they are already talking about becoming entrepreneurs themselves because they understand why this career choice is both acceptable and good.

The best advice I ever received was from my cancer doctor at my four-week post-op appointment. As she looked over my chart, she gave me the following counsel, “Kacie, it’s time to go and start living your life.”

Of course, her comment to me wasn’t directly related to my business, but it was the “permission” for me to break free from what I thought was expected of me. 

If permission is what you are needing, then consider permission granted. 

It’s time to own your own path and stop allowing what others are doing or saying to distract you. 

You have determined a vision, created goals, and put together a plan that is unique to you. If it’s working for you, then it’s right for you.

You cannot allow a particular stigma (real or perceived) to keep you from living the life that makes sense for you and your family. There is absolutely nothing selfish about that. In fact, when you’re super passionate about something, it’s selfish not to go for it.

The world needs more of you and more of what you have to offer… especially now. Don’t let the noise of social pressures dim your light and extinguish your flame. 

Go. Be who you want to be… do what you want to do… live how you want to live. 

Sister, I have so much more I want to share with you about your potential of success in this industry. Snag yourself a copy of my book, The Essentials, for everything you need to know to make it as a network marketer. 

Or, we can chat in person about how to live a life that is aligned with your goals and dreams. I’m a busy girl, but I have time for you. I’ve even saved you a spot on my calendar. Hover and click right here to schedule our call.  

Ah heck, I dare you to do both if you wanna get down and dirty serious about owning your path to success. 

Merry Christmas.