So, let’s call this one, “Part Two of the Self-Care Sermon, by Kacie”. (Here is “Part 1” in case you missed it.)

But before I move on to what I reallllllly want to share with you, let’s debunk a common misunderstanding about self-care.

… and we’ll say it louder for the people in the back.

Self-care does not make you weak. 

I want you to think of your physical, mental, and emotional energy as the battery bar on your cell phone. 

Everything you do, work (product education and promotion, marketing, team training, talking to customers, recruiting new team members) and family-related, will steal a little chunk of that bar until it is completely depleted, at which point it’s time for a “system shutdown”. 

So, instead of considering self-care as an optional luxury, think of it as a “connection” necessary for restoring and maintaining the energy you need to pursue the life you want 

I have spent some time studying the concept, application, and benefits of planning. And I cannot emphasize enough how crucial the idea of planning is to the productivity and efficiency of your day. 

As women, our schedules are crazy. We’re doing all the things… for all the people… all the time.  

We move from career mode, to wife mode, to mom mode without even thinking about it.  

We are such masters at creating, managing, and finagling our family’s schedules… so much so we can probably do it in our sleep.  

Sister, I know this to be true about myself. And, I’m going to assume it is true of you, as well. 

When we schedule something, we will show up for it.

I know for a fact that if I don’t schedule the things that are important to me, then I guaran-darn-tee you they will not happen. They just won’t. You, too? 

Guess what? The simple act of scheduling self-care activities into your daily routine (like, literally write those suckers down) is no different, sweet friend.

Self-care must become a concrete part of your daily plan so it becomes a part of who you are.

And when it becomes a part of who you are, it oozes over into the way that you behave.  

Self-care breeds positive, confident, self-controlled behavior, while self-neglect cultivates negative, reactive, frazzled conduct. Both are contagious… which one do you want to be “spreading”? 

I have some tips to help you get started on your own self-care path. Not only do you deserve the benefits it will bring, but so do those depending on you. 


4 Step Guide for Practical Self-Care

Make a list of the things that you enjoy doing

The key to creating a self-care routine that you can commit to is finding activities you love and can look forward to.  

Don’t try to make yourself enjoy something just because someone else is doing it. Your self-care routine should be tailored to you, and only you.  

Find what works for you and your lifestyle. Take the time to discover the things that fill you up and make you happy. 


Plan ahead and include it in your schedule

Yep, there it is again. Literally make a non-reschedulable (yep, it’s a word) appointment with yo-self. Write it in your calendar, set some reminders, put a sticky note on your forehead… whatever it takes, make it official and get ‘er done.   

Planning ahead and assigning acts of self-care to a specific block of time in your schedule makes it easier to fit into your day. 


KISS (Keep It Simple, Sister)

Remember, self-care doesn’t have to be lengthy, complicated, or costly. It’s about creating an opportunity for you to relax and recharge. Make it as simple as you need it to be to accommodate your lifestyle.  

Sometimes the first step in simplifying and adapting self-care to your life requires a mindset shift. Instead of thinking of it as one more plate to spin, accept that it is as necessary to your daily routine as clean undies on your bum or food in your belly. 


Show flexible grace to yourself

While a commitment to implementing a self-care routine is crucial, so is allowing yourself the flexibility to experiment with how you will incorporate it.  

Some days it will be easy to implement self-care… and some days not so much. Life happens, right? Don’t be too hard on yourself. Your self-care routine doesn’t have to be perfect.  

Create a disciplined structure with flexible methods.  

I hope your perspective (and mindset) regarding self-care has been affected in a positive way. My heart’s desire is for you to realize that you are worthy of the self-care you deserve 

Now, go put a self-care act on your schedule for tomorrow.  

… Go ahead. You’ll be so glad you did.