Hi, I’m Kacie!

One thing in my life has always been very clear… I was designed to help others.

At first, that lead me to pursue a career in education. But on top of needing more flexibility, my soul just wasn’t getting fulfilled in the classroom.

It wasn’t until a cancer diagnosis and a divorce took a swing at me in the same year that I decided to make a change.

Now I help women find their purpose, passion, and sweet spot.

I view myself as a vessel. I’m on this earth to be a beacon of hope and inspiration to women ready to quit ordinary and pursue their purpose.

These wonderful women are full of passion, ready to impact the world, and lead wherever they are. They’re also ready to ditch the typical “hustle and grind” culture and approach life from a peaceful, heart centered place.

Together, we focus on building a tailor-made lifestyle full of passion, and becoming the best leaders we can be.

I do this while running a multi million dollar doTERRA business, being a mom to six kids, and a wife to an AMAZING husband.

There was a moment, 4-weeks after my mastectomy, that my doctor looked me in the eyes and told me to go live my life. It was like the permission I didn’t realize I was waiting for to be FREE.

Free from pressures I had once put on myself, free from judgements of people whose opinion didn’t matter, and free from a lifestyle that wasn’t working for me.

That defining moment inspired me to pursue a peace focused lifestyle full of hope, resilience, and flexibility.

As an educator, certified coach, and doTERRA Presidential Diamond, I’m passionate about helping women create intentional lifestyles.

Regardless of if you want a radical career change or just a little extra seed money for your family trip to Disney, I’m here to help you follow your passion.

I’ll be honest, I never thought this life was possible. I still wake up feeling like I’m just an ordinary woman doing extraordinary things.

If we work together, I’ll make it my mission in life to educate you on the way you think about your lifestyle and empower you to have choices you never thought possible.

I help women just like you change their lives.

Are you ready to finally take a step toward that lifestyle you always felt was just out of reach? What about embracing your story and letting it catapult you toward success?

I know this initial step can be scary, but please take some time for a no-pressure call with me. I would love to chat, hear your ideas, and help you discover how to live a lifestyle full of passion and purpose.