Adversity gets a bad rap. And rightly so.

You do your best to avoid it. No judgement here, sister. 

On the surface, adversity bleeds struggle, hardship, inconvenience, and even loss. 


At the very root of life’s unfavorable experiences lies the seed of change. 

Truth be told, that is what we want so badly to avoidchange.  

Change can be uncomfortable and often unpredictable. It can inflict a pain that strikes the very core of our being and strip us of familiarity and normalcy. Hellllllloooooo, COVID. 

While the process of change interrupts life in a variety of ways, there is so much we can learn as we journey to the other side of “hard”. 

Unfortunately, it is the challenging, uncomfortable, inconvenient struggles of life that help move us to our next level of being. 

I don’t know about you, but I am always striving to become a better version of myself… but that requires change.

Think about this…

Carbon atoms would never become magnificent diamonds without the intense heat and pressure they endure.  

When you can expect the blessing waiting for you on the other side of adversity, you will find a motivation that propels you into becoming who you are meant to be… one change at a time. 

Have you ever wondered why some seem to flourish in the face of adversity, while others struggle to just get out of bed every morning? 

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all formula that successful people use to push through adversity. 

However, there is a particular mindset and intentional action that helps them maneuver through the suck. (and wine… it never hurts)

  • They don’t allow themselves to become overwhelmed with negative emotions or thoughts.
  • They take time to process their circumstances and then resolve to move forward. 
  • They look for opportunities instead of dwell on despair.  

Change is inevitable, my friend. There is no vaccine to guard against it and definitely not enough hand sanitizer in the world to avoid it. 


There are certain things you can do to create a mindset that will help you persevere to the other side of “hard” and use adversity to your advantage. 

Here is a list of 8 practical steps that will help you flourish in the face of adversity:

  1. Find some humor amid your circumstances – Sometimes finding the slightest bit of humor in your situation can lighten your mood and motivate you to move forward. It is a healthy way to build resilience.
  2. Consider everything you have already experienced – This is probably not your first rodeo with adversity. How have you overcome in the past? Experience can help you find your inner strength. 
  3. Mentally prepare yourself – IF a major crisis were to hit, what would be your plan of action? This isn’t permission to dwell on the negative. However, evaluating potential mishaps builds strength and equips you with the flexibility to overcome. Thinking through how you will react to worst-case-scenarios will help you stay calm and rational
  4. Be willing to learn from your mistakes – Adversity can be a great teacher. Engage in self-reflection to see where and how things went wrong. Focus on the things that are within your control and determine what you can do differently next time. 
  5. Look for opportunity in adversity – We often learn our most important lessons in difficult times. The path to success in the face of adversity is being able to embrace it as a chance for lasting change.
  6. Get crystal clear on what you want and what you don’t want – Having purpose will motivate you to persevere to the other side. The struggles of life can definitely knock the wind out of your sail, but passion creates the energy to press on.
  7. Believe in yourself – Confidence in your ability to overcome tough stuff will help you find your way forward. Leverage your talent and experience to propel you to the other side of your struggle.
  8. Don’t quit – Commit to finding your way forward. Approaching adversity with determination and motivation will help you see it as a problem to solve, not a situation to accept. 

In the words of the great Walt Disney – “All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me… You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.”

I don’t know of anyone (in their right mind, anyway) who would solicit hard knocks and tough times, but I know several who are better because of it. You and I can both attest to the validity of that statement. 

Sister, you are either at the end of a trial, right smack dab in the middle of one, or getting ready to be in the thick of it. 

Regardless of where you are, there is a better you waiting on the other side of that “hard”. Do what you have to do to get there. 

You’ll be thankful that you did.