I can’t help but wonder if we, as a culture, really know what compassion is anymore? And more than that, do we even recognize that there is such a lack of it?

We become so focused on ourselves, our rights, our preferences, and our circumstances that we have diluted our heart’s capacity to show compassion to others.

I’m fairly certain that would get me hanged in a courtroom full of social media whistleblowers. But if you know, you know. 

Life is so incredibly heavy for so many people. Folks are dealing with everything from physical and mental health concerns to financial and relational challenges and struggles.

Life. Is. Hard. And the circumstances of our circumstances have made it even harder. Thanks for that, 2020.

However, I think the negativity we have permitted to take root in our minds and hearts and to shape our perspective is almost as devastating as some of the things people are dealing with. 

As a leader, especially in business, you are able to reverse that cycle by showing up in a place of empathy and compassion. 

And specifically, as a Network Marketer, you have the advantage of initiating a significant ripple effect simply because of the nature of our industry. 

Being an active member of a team provides a beautiful opportunity to be a part of something so much bigger than little ol’ us. It shifts an inward-focused mentality to an outward-facing mission centered on serving and helping others. 

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with our own battles and not unusual to be reluctant to help others. 

I get it. Life is hectic, You’re strapped for time and/or money. Maybe you don’t know how to show compassion or lack the courage and confidence to do so. 

Sometimes showing a simple act of kindness to someone else is exactly what you need to shift your perspective, lighten your load, or distract you from being consumed with things that are out of your control. 

It absolutely blows my mind how that works.  

Doing for others doesn’t have to be big. Compassion shows up in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t come with a list of “must look like this in order to count” requirements either.

The most important thing about compassion is being sensitive to the struggles people around you might be dealing with and show up for them. 

Here are some simple ways you can demonstrate compassion right where you are.

✔ Put down your phone while you’re at coffee or lunch with a friend 

✔ Call out a team member doing something amazing and acknowledge their efforts

✔ Be generous with compliments

✔ Surprise someone with a home-cooked meal or baked good

✔ Be willing to spend some time just listening

Here’s the deal, Network Marketer. Your team is watching you. They will do as you do and show up just as you show up. Make it count. 

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