It is no secret that eighteen months ago, we were growing our businesses differently than we are today, in both big and small ways.  

It’s also no secret that an adversity bomb was dropped on us all in that same span of time. 

And many of us are still feeling the effects. 

Adversity is uncomfortable. Adversity is inconvenient. Adversity sucks. But…  

Adversity IS inevitable.  

Some of us naturally flourish when life throws us a hardball. Yet some of us struggle to just get out of bed in the morning.

Those who rise above adversity have found a way to maneuver through obstacles and navigate around hurdles that would stop others in their tracks. 

Why the heck is that? How in the world do some people bounce back and overcome challenges and defeat?  

Well, I will tell you. They don’t allow themselves to become consumed with negative emotions, thoughts, or beliefs. They take a hot minute to step back and process what’s going on. Then, they roll up their sleeves and continue moving forward.

A positive mindset will position you in a place where you can look for and find opportunities instead of dwelling on despair.

Although there is plenty of suck to talk about concerning the adversity of our “roaring twenties”, there is also some good that is worth mentioning. 

From a business perspective, adversity has definitely forced us to adjust, pivot, and shift in ways we would have probably never done in our same ol’, same ol’ monotonous routine.  

As a result, we have been forced to think outside the box, learn new skills, and try new things. So, adversity can’t be all bad, right? 

I don’t know about you, but this COVID shake-up has brought to my attention the fact that I’ve just been “making doughnuts” in my business for the past several years.   

My routine had become so stagnant and mundane… and I didn’t even realize it. Nothing changes if nothing changes, right? Something definitely needed to change… even if it hurt a little. 

Learning how to embrace adversity is at the core of not just surviving it, but thriving despite it.

Embracing adversity doesn’t mean you are simply accepting what is. It means you are open to the possibilities of what could be. 

Whether you’re coming out of a trial, right smack dab in the middle of one, or there is one waiting for you just around the corner, arm yourself with these habits. Lock arms with adversity and make it work for you. 

      • Watch and observe what other like-minded individuals are doing (or not doing) and learn from them. 

      • Be creative as you find new ways to market, recruit, and educate.

      • Re-evaluate your business goals. If you’ve never set any, now is a great time to do that 

      • Get super clear on your goals, understand what it will take to get you to that next level, and create a plan that will get you there. 

On the surface, adversity would love for you to believe that it has nothing but misery, despair, and affliction for you. I know better. You know better.  

You’ve got this, sister. Show adversity what you’re made of.