I’m not gonna lie, vulnerability as a network marketer is scary as hell. 

If you’re all in and fully committed to growing your business, then sister, you’re putting yourself out there on a whole new level of doing hard things… because network marketing is an entirely different beast. 

One of the greatest thought leaders on this topic is Brene Brown. If you aren’t following her, then you are missing out. 

Her unique message calls out entrepreneurs, like you and me, to open our hearts and minds to vulnerability. 

“Entrepreneurship is vulnerable by definition. The definition of vulnerability is uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure. If you are not experiencing uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure, you are not an entrepreneur.” – Brene Brown

Ouch. That might have stung a little… or a lot. She smashes that nail smack dab on its head. 

As a network marketer, the first step toward positioning yourself as a vulnerable entrepreneur is speaking the words, “I am in a network marketing business”. You can’t get more vulnerable than this. 

When you verbalize this reality, you might as well paint a freakin’ bull’s eye on your forehead because people will come at you. 

Having the confidence to publicly claim you are a network marketer is so incredibly empowering because it truly does not matter what other people think. 

I want you to understand that the opportunity network marketing provides is such an incredible one. Don’t be afraid to own it. 

I get it. It’s much easier to talk about than it is to do the thing. So let me share some practical tips with you.

To live in this space of vulnerability as an entrepreneur, there are a few things Brown recommends.

Get comfortable promoting yourself

Yes, self-promotion of any kind is freakin’ uncomfortable, but it is such a crucial element for building a successful network marketing business. Here’s the deal. You can’t expect someone to get excited about something you aren’t excited about. And you sure as heck can’t expect them to find value in it if you don’t find value in it, too… and authentically demonstrate it. 

Be vulnerable with the right people, for the right reason

There is a time, a place, and the right people group when vulnerability is appropriate. You must learn when to share and when not to share. A good litmus test for measuring whether it is a good time to make a vulnerable move is to really check yourself. Ask yourself, “What are my intentions? Why am I sharing? Is it to scare them? Shame them? Motivate them?” And then respond from the very core of your authentic heart. 

Don’t just be another courageous face… be a courageous person

For an entrepreneur, vulnerability means you suck it up and ask for help when you need it. It also means you swallow your pride when you are wrong and make it right. I agree 100% with Brown’s bold claim… “We don’t need brave faces running businesses. We need brave people.” 

Sister, the first step to creating a successful network marketing business is believing in what you do. If you haven’t bought into the mission with your whole heart, then you need to stop right there and reconsider. 

You can never serve from a position of genuine authenticity if you aren’t fully living out what you expect others to accept. 

When you believe in what you do with every bit of who you are, you can take that next vulnerable step toward success with confidence and courage… even when it’s scary as hell.

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