When you think about the characteristics and skills of leadership, you think about things like communication, engagement, influence, integrity, don’t you? These are definitely attributes every leader should have.

But one leadership quality I have learned to be extremely significant is gratitude.

A leader who has a grateful perspective can recognize the meaningful things in life, both personally and professionally.  

So, why wouldn’t a leader want to train that “muscle” like he does all the others?

A leader who views life through a lens of gratitude sees the potential in their employees and team members and reinforces their efforts.

Everyone loves a leader who sees their value and appreciates them. They even perform at a higher level because they know their efforts are appreciated. 

NEWS FLASH: In business, things don’t always happen like we want or expect them to. Tell you something you don’t know, right? 

But even so, a grateful leader will continue to behave in a way that cultivates an environment where employees and teammates want to keep showing up. 

When you can show genuine gratitude as a leader, even when things aren’t going well (that doesn’t mean you ignore or deny your sub-par circumstances), it creates a sense of security and confidence for you and your tribe.

A grateful perspective can actually help balance out the challenges and struggles that come with a leadership role… because sister, leadership ain’t for sissies.

Gratitude that is practiced openly and consistently by leaders will help reduce stress, promote optimism, and improve perception for everyone. 

It is a win-win situation, for sure. 

Want to build quality and collaborative relationships among your employees and team members? Embody gratitude.

Want to increase your opportunities within other networks. Embody gratitude.

Want to attract other grateful people to your tribe? Embody gratitude.

Want to boost others’ trust and belief in you? Embody gratitude.

Want to build resilience within yourself and among your cohorts? Embody gratitude.

Want to achieve your goals? Embody gratitude.

Unfortunately, a grateful perspective requires a little more than just waking up one morning and deciding to be grateful. Like anything else, gratitude must be practiced.

Gratitude isn’t an attitude or challenge; it’s a choice. – Robert Braathe

Here are some simple ways you can begin cultivating gratitude and become a better leader:

  • Know and understand WHY you are choosing to be grateful. 

  • Don’t fake it. Your gratitude must be genuine and authentic.

  • When you outwardly express your appreciation for someone and their efforts, be specific and name the thing you are grateful for.

  • Keep a gratitude journal and every day, write down three things you are grateful for. 

  • Write a thank you note, give a gift, or do something nice that you know the recipient will appreciate.

However you choose to practice gratitude, I want you to pay attention to how the positive effects will begin to trickle down. Gratitude is some contagious stuff… and no mask required.

I guarantee it will fuel your grateful perspective to a whole new level. 

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